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VIDEO: My Statement of Ethics

I'm back, baby!


Man, Microsoft Copies EVERYTHING Apple Does.

Steven Sinofsky just got the boot at Microsoft, only two weeks after Apple kicked Scott Forstall to the curb. Coincidence? Or is it possible that, as with the GUI, tablets and retail stores, Microsoft has to copy literally everything Apple does?

Seriously, Microsoft, what's the goddamn deal? Do something original for once!



BlackBerry 10 is coming! Blackberry 10 is coming!

There's an article at the Huffington Post about Blackberry's new "BlackBerry 10" operating system, which for the first time ever has a release date of January 30.

The Huffpo calls it a "Huge" announcement.

My question is, given BlackBerry's tenuous long-term position in the market and largely non-existent buzz, is it even possible for them to have a huge announcement at this point?


More of A Phone To Die For!

This bastard is so close to done, I can taste it!

“Whatever you say, Mister Jobs.” I said.

“I mean it!” He said, pulling back his coat to reveal a bulge in his pants that was either a gun, or misplaced tube socks. Either way, I was pretty sure it was empty posturing. 

“You’ve got nothing to worry about.”


Another small preview of "A Phone to Die For!"

Holy crap the book's going well. I'm hoping to have a first draft done by the end of next week, with a final version by the end of November. That's a bit ambitious, but I'm goddamn amazing and it's a short book. More of a novella, really, though it will probably match the length of the pulp novels it's loosely patterned after, I think. I hope. 

Anyway, here's another tiny bit, presented entirely free of context: 

“— And a friend of mine is dead, too. Nobody’s goddamn interests are served by pretending like nothing’s wrong.”

Zain opened his mouth to speak, but it just hung there for some seconds. The hamsters spun the wheel slowly, but eventually they did their job. Zain cupped his face in his hands, shifting from angry to remorseful. I was pretty sure it was all an act, that he was trying to play me like a cranky violin, but this was one bird that wasn’t going to chirp just because someone said jump.