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What's it about, you ask? Here is the answer:


A revolutionary new smartphone is poised to change the landscape of mobile computing forever, but on the eve of its release tragedy strikes, sending the industry into chaos. 

Mosspuppet -- man of action and intrigue, smooth operator with the ladies, and the best damned tech journalist in the world -- is forced into the events by magnates pushing their own secret agendas. Initially reluctant to help uncover a snarl of lies and misdirections, Mosspuppet throws himself at the case full-force when a conspiracy surrounding the world-changing gadget claims the life of someone he cares about. But will his efforts lead to the truth, or will they land him in a unmarked grave?

"A Phone to Die For" is an explosively hilarious tale of high-technology, murder and lies that will leave you laughing on the edge of your seat.



Buy "A Phone To Die For" from Amazon right now! CLICK HERE!