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People Who Don't Suck

Hey look, it's a list of people who don't suck, and wouldn't you know it, by complete and total coincidence, it matches the list of people who recently helped fund my triumphant return. What a goddamn coincidence, right?

Thanks to everyone on this list for helping a brother out, and for not sucking. 

Thomas Zahm

Yves Bastide

Richard Sheets

Jaon Mitchell

Catherine Mittelholtz

Jeffery McLean

Simon85 - totally a real name

Michael Green

Christian St. Cyr

Joseph Jones

Paul Thurrott

Ferderico Hatoum

Nicolas Doye

Kendra Kuhl

Scott Kuhl

iggy2 - totally a real name

tweeterman287 - totally a real name

Thanks, everyone. Keep on not sucking!